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Attorney Rob Coleman Participates at one of the Salvation Army Stations in West Little Rock, AR


SettlePou attorney Robert Coleman was back out this year with The Rotary Club of Little Rock Afterhours ringing bells Friday and Saturday for the Salvation Army red kettle stations in West Little Rock. Please remember the bell ringers and the Salvation Army when stopping at your favorite stores. The organization helps those in need 365 days a year and there are 7600 centers of operation in the United States. The red kettle campaign raises millions each year with 3 million people volunteering annually. The Salvation Army provides aid with disaster relief, operates a missing persons program and job referral program, provides visitations to people with special needs in hospitals, nursing homes and correctional facilities, and so much more.

The Salvation Army is rich with history. The Salvation Army was established in London in 1865 by William Booth and the red kettle debuted in San Francisco in 1891. The first kettle was a crab pot. By 1900, red kettles were in use nationwide for the organization.  The Salvation Army also invented the doughnut by serving pastries cooked in battle helmets to US troops in WW I with the troops returning home craving doughnuts. National Doughnut Day was created in 1938 by the Salvation Army. The Salvation Army has approximately 2500 brass bands worldwide and led the formation of the USO. “Strawberry Fields Forever” is a reference by John Lennon to a Salvation Army orphanage called Strawberry Field in Woolton, England. Happy Holidays!