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SettlePou’s Allen Smith Makes Tax Presentation to Legal Leaders of Billboard Industry


Allen Smith presented a paper and spoke to the Outdoor Advertising Association of America Legal Seminar held on November 12, 2014, in Washington, D.C. This seminar was attended by legal leaders in the industry comprised of corporate legal staffs and industry attorneys across the nation. Smith’s presentation focused on the issues confronting the industry with an analysis of ad valorem taxation in the myriad state, county, and local governmental taxing units throughout the country. He provided information from his publication in the Journal of Property Tax Assessment & Administration entitled A National Review of Uniformity in Ad Valorem Tax Valuation of Billboard Property and provided a survey on the constitutional uniformity requirement of property tax contained in all 50 State Constitutions. This is the 7th time that Smith has been asked to make a presentation to the OAAA Legal Forum and he has been a frequent author and lecturer on the critical industry legal topics for more than 20 years. Click here for more on the OAAA and Smith's presentation.