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Quentin Faust joins SettlePou


Quentin Faust has  joined SettlePou  to head up the firm’s Business Counsel section. 

His practice is focused in three basic areas, securities law and capital market, mergers and acquisition, and corporate and transactional intellectual property, which he describes as “all the IP you can do without a science degree.”  He also advises clients on a daily basis on the full spectrum of corporate and business matters. 

Quentin  also has been able to work in his desire to be a writer into his legal practice, authoring a number of articles as well as writing a book on Texas corporate law for Bloomberg’s BNA corporate practice portfolio series and is as well a frequent speaker and presenter on business law issues, corporate structure and governance and securities law.

While he has been an attorney for the past 18 years, he’s not one of those lawyers who always knew he would go to law school and practice law.

“When I took those aptitude tests in junior high school, I was all over the map,” he says.  “Those tests said I should be a lawyer, a teacher, and actor, and a writer, so I put off being a lawyer for a while.

Quentin graduated with a bachelor’s degree in speech and theatre in 1985 and worked as an actor and stage manager in New York City and later becoming the resident stage manager and frequent performer at The Empire House Theatre.  Making a living with an actor’s pay check and the odd-job here or there, Quentin returned to school to get his master’s in English from Wichita State University, where he served as a teaching assistant.  After graduation in 1991, Quentin taught at all four colleges and universities his first year out, ultimately teaching 27 hours in a single semester at two school.  “I think that may be something of a record,” he says, “and most professors actually don’t believe it, but it’s true.  I was working five days a week as a teacher, and four days a week at the theatre. It was a crazy, albeit ‘fun’ time in my life that I would never have given up, but in the back of my mind I still wondered about law school.”

With his 30th birthday approaching, Quentin had a heart to heart with his wife and decided to take his LSAT and apply to law schools.  He was accepted to Cornell Law School and packed up for three freezing cold winters in Ithaca, New York.  After beginning his career in Kansas City with a medium sized law firm, Quentin got the opportunity to move to, Dallas, Texas, because “if you want to work on corporate securities and M&A transactions, you just have to move to a big city to get that kind of experience.”

Dallas gave Quentin the chance to work for large law firms on very complex and sophisticated transactions at firms like Jones Day, Arter and Hadden, and for the last 12 years at Andrews Kurth,where he was a partner. 

He belongs to GC (General Counsel) Netweavers, where he networks with lawyers serving as local general counsel, and he is president of Business Navigators, a group of local business leaders who provide, among other things, educational and outreach programs to the DFW business community.

Allen Smith, President of SettlePou says “Quentin brings a level of expertise and sophistication to our business practice in areas that are increasingly in demand.  We’re excited to have him as our partner.”